We Build Interactive & Immersive Apps for Learning & Training


Life Skills App

Adolescence is often an unfamiliar and challenging experience for teens. The Life Skills App provides access to the relevant resources & counsel required to ease the transition through adolescence


Enterprise Quest

Keeping trainings short & engaging is a coveted organisational goal. Enterprise Quest uses realistic roleplaying games to condense training time while improving trainee participation


Nubian Labs

Interactivity & Immersion are greatly altering our digital experience. Nubian Labs explores experimental concepts on this frontier that have product viability. 


Learning Camp

Online Course: Introduction to 2D Game Development

A 4-week virtual course designed for kids 13+. It seeks to introduce learners to the theory & practice of 2D Game Development while also nurturing the necessary soft skills required to embark on personal & collaborative game development projects.

Starts: 13th February, 2021.

Cost: Now 700 GHS from 1000 GHS


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Virtual Reality Fire Drill Simulation of a petrol station. 


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